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EMI Calculator Plus 1.0

EMI Calculator Plus is a loan payment and amortization schedule calculator

EMI Calculator Plus is a loan payment and amortization schedule calculator. This is a free Flash utility developed by BankBazaar.com, a loan broker in India who wishes their potential customers to know all about their EMI (Estimated Monthly Integration) beforehand, the monthly payment, that you will have to make in order to pay off a loan.

To calculate it, you need to enter the details of your loan using five convenient sliders. The parameters you can change are Loan Amount, Interest Rate, Tenure, Processing Fee, and Pre-payment amount. These sliders will conveniently limit the lowest and highest amounts you can use to make your calculations, thus making everything easier - though you are allowed to enter the Loan Amount manually, should you prefer it.

Besides calculating the EMI, this program will calculate and display your loan’s amortization table (in an annual or a monthly view), a graphic showing the break-up of the total amount payable, and the cost-benefit analysis of pre-payments. The program offers a separate window to let you enter the details of your pre-payments, such as their frequency, and the month in which you will begin to make them. This way the calculator will show you how many rupees and how much tenure you may save by making pre-payments.

The currency cannot be changed, so this tool is useful, only if your loan is expressed in Indian rupees.

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